The lntemational Culture and Ans Network (twill promotes pluralism. intercultural awareness and understanding
throughout the Greater Rochester community


ICAN designs and pmsonts cultural events that piesert local immigrant talent and scholarship to aurlarger

community Our primary medium tor initiating crosscultural exchange is the global language oithe visual and

periorrnihg ans. augmented by the culinary arts and lneiary and scholarly irresenialions

ICAN assists our immigrant communities to preserve their cultural heritage and identity by providing venues tor their culture-specific talents and torums lorleaching the larger context tram which those talents have developed The nhjamlve is to engage the Greater Rochester public in intercultural understandingthiough artistic and educational experiences which wlll emenain. educate. and iniorm them. and give them opponunrties to expand personal contacts.

lCAN also provides consulting. advising, and nelwnrklng services to Rochester area immigrant communities and organizations to assist thorn with
(hell hansfllnn la and engagement WM! IhEil new hnmnland

OUR vtstolt

lCAN will become the premier presenter and consultant on international and immigrant commun’ny erents inthe Rochester area. respected tor the
depth and breadth oiits knowledge and sought atteiloi the oualnies that its input and panrcipation bring to any event that seeks to tester
intercultural understanding

The Need

As aweltestablished city wrth a richly diverse population that includes a large number oi international intellectuals. protessionats. scholars,
technologists, and students from numerous parts of the world. Rochester. New Vnrk, needs and deserves rich and diverse opportunities to test intercultural understanding. Such intercultural understanding enhances community cohesion and creates greater educational, professional, and commercial opportunities (or all our citizen’s).


We have overthirty years nlexperiznce in bridging cultures through ans and scholarship Our eirlerrsnre evenl-glannrng experience guarantees qualily events Our background as immigrants and our scholarly grounding in sound understanding otanthropology enables us to create events which respect the immigrant culture‘s iritegirty. the natural curiosity at audience members. and the allectrve ways at nurturing understanding and respect.

We have learned that through shared moth-cultural. tnlernratrve and inclusive community expenehcee. the audience expands ns knowledge or international art terms. gains understanding oi historical and cultural contexts. and develops a more pluralistic outlook Al the same time, the immigiarit penonneis and their communnies beneltt and team frum gaining vrsibility and interaction wnh the larger cultural group.

Our events capitalize on the wealth otiniernational realm and knuwledge vrithinthe GreateanchnsIer community so that diverse experiences are provided. communication is increased. practical experience is gained. and the ties that bind us together are strengthened.




Provide consulting Services to local international groups. communities. or organizations in planning their cultural events and ZCthes Help various
immigiarit communities learn from each olhel’s expzliences as sub-cultures in nu! society and develop collaborative and mutually beneficial
community ettoits. activities and prognmming


Design. host. or cosponsor scholarly and intormatrve lectures. seminars, literary reviews and expan presentations on topics that broaden
understahdhig etgtobal issues. and/oiwiden perspectives on salient international current events and happenings around the world. while pmvrding
opportunnies tor learning. dialogue, discussion and debate


Design and organize culture-specific and multicultural entertainment events. including various national or ethnic genres etpoetry. music. dance. and
visual ans Events can shnwcase the works at art and culture produced by members at our local immigrant communities. as well as productions by
out—oistate artists and nerteriners

E i .
Develop opportunities tor individuals and groups oivvrdely drrerse backgrounds to come in close comact with each other and assist them in getting
involved in meaningtiil and collaborative event planning The events will be organized built around international themes and nch in cultural and artistic
content. These vnlt be larger scale and more comprehensive annual or biannual lemma and may bring a higher caliber atlncal. national. and/or
tnlemaflona‘ artists and scholars together in Rochester. We will faults on creating settings and terms or publicity that wt” ensure the highest
possible level etaccessrbility and attraction to engage the active panicioation and inclusion ota most diverse audience